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Originally Posted by cheap77 View Post
I'm gotten some good advice here in the past. I've been having trouble lifting the puck on wristshots. Every time I seem to shoot it just rolls off my stick and slides on the ice or it lifts off the ice very little. What's the trick to shooting and getting it up near the top of the net?
Normally when the puck just rolls off the stick it's because you have the puck too far in front of you. I would suggest starting by standing still and shooting until you get the hang of it. I will describe the shot for a righty. If you are a lefty just change it up.

Start with your feet just more than shoulder width apart and the puck just to the left foot side of centered between your feet. Right hand about halfway down the shaft of your stick and weight centered on both feet. Pull the puck back with your backhand to about 12-18 inches behind your right foot and shift your weight to your right foot.

Stop the puck towards the heal of your stick and in the same motion bring the puck forward and start transferring your weight to your left foot. You want the puck to travel forward right to left in front of you and heal to toe on your stick.

Your right hand motion will be palm down at the furthest point to the right, palm facing the boards at your right foot, then as the puck gets to the center of your feet you want to make a quick wrist twist where you will bend your wrist to about 45 degrees and then snap it quickly back to a palm down position with the follow through toward your target and your weight on your left foot.

The wrist flick is hard to visualize with your glove on so try it a few times without gloves and maybe not even on the ice.

Hope that helps and isn't too convoluted. Good luck.

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