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02-12-2013, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by Valrico Gold View Post
Not contesting that.

Here's the difference slg pct points out.

Melky Cabrerra
2010 - 27D 3T 4HR = 34 extra base hits .354 slg pct
2011 - 44D 5T 18HR = 67 extra base hits .470 slg pct
2012 - 25D 10T 11HR = 46 extra base hits .516 slg pct

Bit of a strength improvement the last couple. Wouldn't you say?
God forbid a player ever improved. Its not like he's a 30 something. He broke out when he was 25, hardly a shock. Part of that can be natural improvement, part of that is an unnaturally high BABIP. But of course, it has to be steroids. You also conveniently leave out the fact that the season before the .354 in 2009 he had a .416 SLG in 2009. As a comparison using your logic, Ken Griffey Jr. at the same age went from .481 SLG to .628.

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