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02-12-2013, 08:35 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post mean fans that don't enjoy minimal talent being put on ice for them to spend good money on tickets to see while prices go up and quality is inconsequential to ownership who strangles the team each year, rushing kids one year and filling 1/ of the roster with waiver fodder the next? That kinda haters?

I guess you have a Hickey jersey at home?

Cap trade of "aged" Streit and we're below the cap. We can dump more NHL talent and Wang will be spending well under the cap. But we are simpletons....cap rules scare us.

Wang good, fire BAD!
No Wang is bad. But he wasn't always. Dude's lost enough money though wouldn't you say?

Your wanting him to spend more money also means sending young players, prospects, and picks out the door before we even know what we have...a la Milbury.

I would rather see these kids ripen before picking them off the vine and sending them packing.

Wang's going to drop the biggest bucks ever by an owner and get us to Brooklyn early...what will the haters say then haha???

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