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Originally Posted by Colorado Avalanche View Post
Have you ever seen Oreilly play? He has great work ethic. No point talking about regression with this guy. He will only get better.
If that were the case, why not sign the likely bridge contract similar to Matt Duchene? If there is no risk in regression, he wouldn't be holding out for some big contract. There are no absolutes with 21 year old players and saying otherwise would be completely foolish. O'Reilly knows it, O'Reilly's agent knows it and Colorado knows it. If it was a sure thing, **** it - hook him up with 5 mil x 7 years. There is obvious concern about a fluke year, especially given his draft pedigree. Colorado is justified in being concerned - there are very few players drafted in the 2nd round that perform the way he did for an entire career.

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