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02-12-2013, 09:45 PM
Chris Cutter
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Well, well, well... Not really sure what to think about this one. TB scored two fluky goals tonight to tie the game and barely had any chances throughout the whole game. I found Montreal barring the collapse were playing well at shutting down Tampa's big pieces offensively. Eller and Plekanec had their best of the game of the year defensively, they were stealing pucks from the Bolts all night and were always 1 play ahead defensively. Kudos to Markov who also had a strong game defensively. I recall two plays where he deflected the puck wisely to break some good scoring chances. I felt the effort was there for Cole tonight but the execution and the results still aren't there. But this team is starting to make me pull my hair, that's 3 games in the last 4 games that the team could have easily won but due to lack of discipline, mental collapses or just plain badluck they blew leads. I know the team has this new motto of 'No excuses' so they have nothing but to blame themselves. I'm starting to fear that this core is too weak mentally to have success at this point, I don't think Gionta is good leader. I know he's the quiet type but it's in times like these where you have to speak up. You can't keep losing points on stupid things just cuz **** happens, especially in a 48 game season. I almost had an heart attack when I heard RDS say that Bouillon was taking the second shot in the SO

Anyway, I'd be great if you guys could check out my video for Markov.

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