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Originally Posted by Heebs21 View Post
Forsberg would be by far our best prospect in the system followed closely by Ty Rattie.

Who do you see in the farm who can come up and make an impact? No-one.

Sherman has left this roster depleted with horrible trades and has no-one in the farm ready to make an impact.

Him and Sacco are the worst GM/Coach combo in the league.
You sir, are correct. At least I believe you are. There are a lot of really good people in here, but there is a bit of denial going on, for a lot of fans have a deep passion for their team. I, too, am guilty of said denial at times, but I believe I've finally been broken, likely before the masses of my brethren.

Again, you are correct. IMO. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

The EJ trade is likely going to look very bad in another year or two. Quincey (his stick penalties aside) would easily be the 2nd best defender on the Avs right now, and should not have been traded. Downie is a 3rd line guy, borderline 2nd line guy, and a solid player. But not worth a 2nd pairing defenseman, who EJ had chemistry with. Liles was given away to shed salary.

Aside from the McGinn trade (where Sherman made both the lineup and the prospect system better), there's really no way to support the fact that the Avs are better via their trades. They're not better offensively, defensively, in goal, in age, or in salary cap. They're just not. And while fans in denial try to again and again support the moves of the organization, this is going nowhere. The truth really sucks sometimes. And now, one of the (very few) promising young 21 year old players looks like he's out the door. The GM is somewhere between clueless and inert, and the rebuild likely has to begin again, at least in some form. NYIslanders/ColumbusJackets, we welcome you to Colorado.

As for Sacco, yes, he's a dunce. But the real issue with him - especially with a rebuilding team full of young players - is that precious few of them have shown long- or even medium-term improvement under his watch. I'm not talking about a dozen or two games. I mean real improvement over the course of a season or two. O'R improved, and I believe Wilson did a bit also. Other than them, what young players have gotten significantly better than they were after their first half season or full season under Sacco? EJ hasn't. Duchene hasn't (though his play through 9 games this season is encouraging). Jones hasn't. Stastny has clearly regressed. Galiardi didn't. Cumiskey didn't. Etc, etc.

And then, how many players have left Sacco and flourished? Just an awful thing to see. Sacco sucks, has always sucked, and didn't deserve the job in the first place.

Dark times, and lots of fans being very, very forgiving. Not a good combination, from my standpoint.

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