Thread: Speculation: Time to re-up Nasty Nate?
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02-12-2013, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Neely08 View Post
Big difference to me is; I can see Lucic routinely beat his man on the boards and break the puck out of his zone w/ a tape to tape pass. I can see Lucic carry the puck through the neutral zone, use his size and reach, even back up the D, make a tape to tape pass to Krejci. I can see Lucic dump it in, beat sometimes two defenders, give DK the puck. I can see the guy trying.

The game tonight, yeah, blown pass was on him. But, then he absolutely SMOKED Nash, told him to take a dump in his helmet, and the game began to turn right there.

Horton? They don't go up his boards in the defensive zone for a reason. For starters they won't get it back. I can see Lucic and DK putting out. I just don't see Horton doing anything unless he's banging in a goal.

Seguin? That's another thread I guess.

That hit on Nash happened after the penalty when Lucic was pissed off and started to play HIS style of hockey. The style of hockey every Bruins fan has fallen in love with and the style of play that got him drafted by Boston in the first place.

Through 2 periods Lucic was invisible tonight. That penalty pissed him off and he woke up.

Now I'm not saying Horton has been great, he hasn't, but I'm personally expecting more from Lucic then I am from Horton.

Personally I'd break that line up. You have two guys who basically are asked to do the same thing, but when neither one of them is doing it the line is pretty much ****....

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