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02-12-2013, 11:34 PM
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Bittersweet victory for sure, it hurts that Boston got an extra point (TWICE they got a gift point against us!). Also it sucks that this win won't count in the tiebreakers (though the chances of that mattering isn't very high). I mean I love the fact that shootouts don't count in the tiebreaker, but sucks that we lost the ROW. However I thought we played well for the most part. The ice tilted our way at the start of the 1st and at times in the 2nd, but they didn't get many good chances. Ironically I thought our 3rd period was our best. After we gave up the goal we completely shut them out, until that 2nd goal and the 3rd goal was fluky. Too bad how it ended we looked suffocating most of that 3rd period. It's not like we played like complete garbage in the 3rd. Anyway, I'll take a win against a GREAT team. IMO these were the 2 most talented teams in the east. If you include goaltending, maybe the league.

3 stars:

Nash- IMO he's our best skater (definitely forward) since Jagr. He's a complete game changer. What a game. I'm so bummed that he hit the post. The guy deserves more goals than he's gotten.

Hank- I'm shocked to read people bashing him. I thought that despite the 40 shots on goal we didn't allow that many great ones. Still 37 saves is pretty damn good to me. He had ZERO chance on the first and third goals. I thought that the second one wasn't a great rebound (actually I gave him a break but he was the one that said it was a bad rebound), however that's not even a terrible rebound. If that's a bad goal for him now we're in good shape.

Hags- Nice empty netter, but the guy is all over the place. That line was great.

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