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02-12-2013, 10:40 PM
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This is the kind of deal that I want to avoid. To describe Hamrlik as anything beyond "serviceable" at this point would be charitable. The guy has name recognition and used to be a minute eater, but now he's just a body.

I don't think adding him to our blueline does anything but add an extra body for "depth." I don't think it changes our status as likely first-round fodder. Giving up Kindl and a 2nd, in what people say is supposed to be a deep draft seems like harsh overpayment, imo.
Completely agree. Nothing available would make us close enough to a favorite/contender for it to be worth it. Adding a guy like Hamer may help a bit, but I would rather keep Kindl and a 2nd and lose in 5 games round one than get Hamerlik and lose in game 7.

TLDR: No rentals please