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02-12-2013, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by XX View Post
I'm not familiar with the docs, but is there really something in there authorizing Beasley to do 'whatever it takes' (or anything remotely outlining $20 million+ in subsidies) to keep the team? The line about him not needing council approval is pretty damning, at least to me. That would signal to me, the casual observer, that this backdoor Reinsdorf deal wasn't exactly on the up and up.
Beasley did a lot of things without council approval, most of which he appears to have massaged to remain technically in harmony with law and policy. Except maybe those fund transfers. He might have overstepped there. We'll have to wait to see just how forensic the audit gets on that.

Anyway, all the BK docs are public records and available free of charge. There were many depositions and declarations. Shumway's probably provides the best summary of the timeline:

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