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Originally Posted by Mr Kanadensisk View Post
I consider the top teams to be CAN, USA, SWE, RUS, CZE, FIN (in that order). I love Slovakia, but I don't think they quite fit in with the big 6. I would say that the seeding probably means the least to Canada and then increases slightly as you move down the list.

Not sure how your original point about 'a big difference between the top team's records in the preliminary round compared to the playoff games' holds up though.

If you're just counting 'top 6 team' vs 'top 6 team' results Canada, Finland, Sweden & US's record from the prelim to the knockout/medal rounds doesn't really change that much. Russia is worse and the Czech Rep. is better.

If your counting 'top 6' vs all opponents the Czech Rep once again improves, Canada is marginally better, while Finland, US (both somewhat mariginally), Russia and Sweden are worse.

At the end of the day though breaking down what is already a small amount of data into so many smaller subsets and trying to draw any conclusions from is probably pretty pointless. With that said I guess since I spent the past 15 minutes sorting this all out I find it somewhat interesting,

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