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Originally Posted by dimi78 View Post
Then let somebody else overpay for ROR if that's the case... something tells me your over valuing ROR just as you overvalued Duchene by even mentioning his name to the likes of what you did there

Fans need to learn when you try to make a trade assessment do it through the eyes of the other team to see if a trade could be made not looking to hit a homerun for your favorite team.
Duchene is not even close to those guys in value. Never said that. Just does not make sense to move the guy who wants to be here (especially in the current situation with ROR and Stazz in limbo) for anything less..

And to be honest. Those proposals in here are brutal. Does nothing for the Avs. And I mean like really nothing. I would rather see ROR rot in the KHL than accept any of those last few offers that don't include Gardiner. So I simply don't want to trade ROR for pieces that do nothing for Avs. If you think that is me overvalueing him, that is fine to me...

Your second paragraph is beyond funny. That is exactly what you did not do with the Avs

Gardiner is kind of expendable with Reilly , Holzer, Liles, Blacker and the ton of other guys you have up here or down with the Marlies or in Junior.
And ROR would fill your biggest organisational need....
I know quite a lot about the Leafs. They are probably my second favorite team as long as the fans don't propose trades for Avs players.
That is beyond frustrating to read .

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