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Originally Posted by Mr. Hab View Post
Yeah I am. You think you're right. I think I'm right.

You're giving way too much credit to Therrien.
Way too much. Not surprised Subban is averaging more than 1pt/game...he'll get 70-80pts one day (while playing solid defense)...wait and see. Imo, sky is the limit with Subban. But he's definitely on a leash with Therrien. A leash? ****ing insulting for the best dman we've had in ****ing decades. Show a little respect for Subban, no? I'd love to see Therrien on a leash and Subban pulling it.[/B]

Subban with 18min....that's what I don't like.
Any coach knows about Markov's injury history...I'd give Markov 18-21min,max (so as to have him in playoffs).
Subban is the iron-man...he could have 21min+.
Someone else here said he was benched in 3rd period.
Nice way to treat your all-heart dman. Best dman we've had in decades.
We all know Subban can play 24-30minutes/game...obviously it doesn't have to be like that every game...but you know he can do it.

A better/smarter coach would get Eller to maximize his potential.
A better/smarter coach would give Armstrong some rest until Armstrong can bodycheclk again and be way more gritty out there.
A better coach would find a way for Subban to be free with his talent but also mix it up by playing a balanced game.

Therrien blames quite a lot on one player...White.
I think that's stupid. White is a warrior that goes to war for his teammates...and Therrien comes in and blames him for everything.
White has been punished enough...time to bring him White some respect.
The better coach maximizes his TEAM.

Not a player.

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