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02-12-2013, 11:30 PM
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Criticism of a few players

Hall - was flying and then started trying to make too many cute plays. Compare his goal to his play on our PP in the 3rd. Flying down wing with puck, has the defender beat wide even more on this play. Can shoot or cut to net but instead circles it and runs out of space and tries to dangle....loses puck and its a turnover.

Nuge - weak on the puck. Had chances, completely snake bitten. Shoulder must be sore still because when he gets the puck and has to bare down on it it looks like hes shooting wrong handed

Petry - havent been too impressed. Looks lost and hesitant in the offensive zone. Hasn't been terrible defensively but i was expecting a lot more this year. No one seems to be on him...0 points and -4 so far

Yakupov - play died on his stick all game. He's been making weird plays where he tries a move that wont benefit him at his spot on the ice. Toe-drag a guy at our blue line isnt necessary when you have support with you breaking out. Make the simple play there and use your creativity when u get to skate over the line into the O zone...every time now he holds up and tries to pass. In the KHL he was flying in and ripping lasers top cheese or trying moves on the defender.

Anyways, lots more i could cherry pick i guess. 2 flukey goals on their part but we still only scored once. Appreciate the effort but lots of frustrating things this game.

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