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02-12-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by jadeddog View Post
Yeah, karma isn't a real thing. This team has ZERO offensive ability, *ZEEEEEEEERO*.

RNH looks like a guy who will be lucky to finish the year with 3 goals. The big three scored a goal tonight even, and they were still only shooting 5.5%. Simply pathetic.

All those "Eberle unsustainable" jokes aren't so funny NOW are they? People said that he would regress to the mean, and that is exactly what is happening. RNH just seems to have no confidence at all, and seems really weak on the puck. Could be his shoulder injury is screwing up his shooting I suppose.

If we don't get goals from Eberle, Hall and RNH, we don't win, end of story. Our bottom 6 has no offensive ability whatsoever, even when they have a great possession game, as they did tonight, you know they aren't going to provide a goal. This team is only going to go as far as the big 3 take them, and that doesn't look very far at all.
The topline were developing bad country club habits down on the farm, looking lazy, unmotivated, and turning up the occasional offensive display against usually the worst opponents. They weren't bearing down and I said so at the time. looks like bad habits are catching up to them. Hope they enjoyed the long holiday when they were supposed to be playing games.

Thus instead of being ahead of the game and with a jump on other NHLers that didn't play during the lockout they look one step slow in timing. Never getting anything off before NHL opponents close on em.

Without Hall this line is looking like a complete cluster**** right now. Eberle at least had scoring chances. I don't recall Nuge even getting one.

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