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Originally Posted by Chevrier View Post
Good post, I agree with most of it but there had to have been some reason why he chose the Canes and I don't necessarily think it had to with the Canes being closer than we are or anything to winning a Cup. Obviously, Semin > Samuelsson though, that's a given. I'm not going to argue Samuelsson over him by any stretch, but you know the Wings LOVE their familiarity. Wings signed Sammy early in free agency, first day I believe and you know they had to have at least inquired about Semin and whoever else was available.

Semin didn't sign til late July on a 1 yr/7 mil contract. That 7 mil would have been made him the highest paid Red Wing, which management obviously thought wasn't going to work. With all the claims in previous seasons that the Wings wouldn't sign anyone to be paid higher than Lidstrom, it would have made Semin the most expensive Wing. Talent through the roof, undeniably skilled for sure, but there have to had been reasons why he either didn't accept or chose a different team.
I think you're right about Sammy being signed because of familiarity. But that's what aggravates me; Holland is a great GM but he's too comfortable making "safe" signings like Sammy rather than taking a risk on guys like Semin.

I do see your point about the Wings not wanting to make him their highest paid player, but it's only a one year deal. If he plays up to it, I don't think we'd hear anyone complaining, and if he doesn't he's gone the next year anyway.

From the sounds of it the Wings never even made a serious offer at him. When he signed, he was the most talented player on the market by far, and we had the cap space. I think that a team dedicated to winning has to be willing to take a risk, especially with the parity in the league right now.

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