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02-13-2013, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by ltsthinaz View Post
I'm less impressed with the Penguins for the playoffs than the Bruins. Talk about a top-heavy team with a meh goalie, that's the Pens. We lost 6 in a row to them, now that the team is playing much tighter defense and has more speed, I think we'd make short work of the Penguins in the playoffs, not so the Bruins, even though we're the Bruins least favored match-up.
It would be interesting to see how the Rangers would look against the Pens later in the season. The Rangers have much more consistent tempo. They are also better getting the puck up ice. I think our bottom six and D is better than theirs. If we can dictate the tempo with the Pens, I think we could beat them handedly.

Bruins(also the Devils)are way different in the sense that they can forecheck just as well we can. Either one of those teams are a battle, especially getting the puck out of the zone.

The Rangers love to hard around in the Dzone and the wings let the puck move in hopes that the opposing Dmen will either:
a)not handle the puck well, and have the wing pressure up high.
b)Dman isn't covering far side, and the puck rolls out of the zone.

That stuff doesn't work against either the Devils or Bruins. Both teams can own the far side board. The Rangers need to get better puck support along the wall against those teams. They got to intercept those pucks, or either of those teams will make you pay.

Gaborik is one of the biggest culprits when we play those teams. He is always WAY too soft supporting the puck along the wall.

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