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02-13-2013, 12:36 AM
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Hi folks, B's fan here. I just posted this absurdly long post on the NHL "tonight's comebacks" thread (in response to SnowblindNYR, btw), and thought I might as well inflict on you here as well. It's slightly out of context, but still on topic. Thanks for indulging me:

Your nobility is appreciated. I'm pretty sure the respect is mutual between these two teams, so I'm not sure why some of us are getting so wound up over who dominated whom. But if we're going to dissect, here's what I'd say: each of these teams dominated a different facet of the game, and this is why we get divergent takes on this board:

1) Goaltending: significant edge to the Rangers tonight.
2) Defense: Rangers, by a significant margin.(the B's breakdowns were quite glaring tonight; perhaps if I were a NY fan I'd be noticing the visiting teams' breakdowns more, who knows...)
3) Neutral zone: Bruins, by a significant margin
4) Forwards/O-zone: Rangers made the best of their chances. B's maintained possession more via cycling, forecheck and board work, but were deficient in net-front presence and slot traffic.

So basically, different people focus on different things. To my eyes, the B's had the edge in puck possession and neutral zone. This is what causes many on this thread to say the B's outplayed NYR. But that's really only half the story. Despite all that possession, the B's didn't translate it into dangerous chances. Way too many shots from the perimeter, as others have noticed. What's more, I thought the Rangers D were unusually good with their sticks and their hits tonight. I'm not talking about spectacular, booming hits, but just enough body at the right time to get B's off the puck. Henrik was mostly solid, but he was also helped by good protection of the net front by his D.

This has become an old story though, when we face the Rangers. It's not unusual for the B's to have the puck a lot; but it's also not unusual that the B's tend not to be able to pierce Tortorella & Henrik's citadel nearly as much as they'd like to.

Incidentally, though I know we can be ridiculously homerish with the best (or worst) of them, generally the B's board is quick to admit when we are thoroughly outplayed yet still eke out a win (this is a common theme when we play the Habs), so I honestly don't think that those on this thread who insist that we outplayed the Rangers are simply "sore losers". I think this is what they honestly see in the game. Because they focused on certain facets, as discussed above.

Anyhoo, twas a great game, and strangely one that both teams can take nearly equal amounts of comfort and discomfort in. NYR fully deserved the extra point, though.

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