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02-13-2013, 01:10 AM
Holden Caulfield
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Ok, well I am known as the Peluso hater round these parts, so I'll chime in.

I have nothing against him. He is a member of the Winnipeg Jets and I hope he does well. Unfortunately, I view him as having a top end talent of a fighter, ala Kevin Westgarth, Colton Orr. I hate those players.

They are beyond useless, in fact hurt a team since you cannot play a 4 line attack. I want a team that is relentless on the attack, all 4 lines push the game and wear the opponent down. I do want a strategic area type team. I really think the Jets are going for what I want. And a goon ruins that since you cannot trust a goon to play in this role.

People here have argued I have written him off. I don't think that's true. I don't think it will happen, but hell I've been wrong before. Now the key to finding this him a chance to prove it. I am a big believer in putting people in places to succeed. That's how you do it. By the same token as putting Scheifele with Slater and Thorburn is not putting him in a position to succeed, how they treated Peluso tonight is not putting him in a place to succeed, IF you are hoping he becomes more than a goon.

Playing Peluso what, 4 shifts, does nothing but reinforce this image. Cutting down to 3 lines for the 2nd half of the game is the EXACT thing I am worried about. Either you give Peluso the chance to prove he can be more than a goon, or you get rid of him, IMO. No middle ground.

Peluso clearly had instructions to go after Rinaldo. It was his only goal all game. When he was on the ice trying to make plays he was ALL over the place trying to hard to prove he belongs, IMO. Maybe that's just nerves. But I think we all saw how weak his skating is (not strong on his skates, doesn't turn well, no quickness). But by benching him in the 2nd half all you have told him is that he has to be a goon to stay, IMO. All they've shown me and Peluso is that Noel trusts him solely as a goon.

In summary, either you play him and give his chance to succeed (if you truly think he can be more than a goon), or you cut ties. I want no part of Orr, Westgarth, McLaren or the rest of those clowns, let them skate around and do nothing. We have plenty of team toughness with Ladd, Stuart, Thorburn, Slater, Wright, Kane all as guys who will step up for their teammates, Antropov, Burmistrov, Byfuglien hell even Toby like to **** people off and rattle them, and there is just no reason to ever fight an Orr, the guy just helps us by being on the ice for opposition. Why handicap ourselves by employing his equivalent, IF that's how they are going to treat Peluso, as they did tonight.

I have never understood this waiver pickup from day 1. Goons are dead, and if he is going to be more like Jets management thinks, give him a chance to do THAT instead of being a goon, ala tonight.

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