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Originally Posted by Brick Top View Post
This isn't necessarily directed at the Wings not signing Semin for $7m, but I really hope Detroit is moving away from the "we can't pay anyone more $$ than player X" philosophy. I just don't think that's a viable long term strategy in a salary cap league.

Players try to sign the largest deal they can get at the time of their FA period, but then market forces and cap increases in following seasons will result in other guys signing for more than them, even if those new players aren't as talented. That's just how it works.

I'm sure that team execs recognize that the highest paid guy on a team isn't automatically the best or even most valuable player- he's usually the most recent high profile signing. And if players and their agents are realistic, they see the same thing. Sign the best deal you can, then try to outperform it so you can extend it early and/or get a higher following contract.

I think it would be crazy for Detroit to walk away from an impact player who wanted to sign with the Wings but the market dictates that his deal would be more than Datysuk's... not saying this has necessarily happened, just hoping that it's a dead issue with Lidstrom retiring.
Agreed with all of this.

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