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02-13-2013, 02:12 AM
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Originally Posted by bluechipbonzo View Post
No Wang is bad. But he wasn't always. Dude's lost enough money though wouldn't you say?

Your wanting him to spend more money also means sending young players, prospects, and picks out the door before we even know what we have...a la Milbury.

I would rather see these kids ripen before picking them off the vine and sending them packing.

Wang's going to drop the biggest bucks ever by an owner and get us to Brooklyn early...what will the haters say then haha???
I don't care if he lost $20M a year. He scalped investors for a few billion dollars by accounting tricks and left no paper trail so everyone else is in a penitentiary romance novel but him, the *******.

I don't want young players sent packing. Where did you get that? No one is suggesting touching your Petrov (sounds perverted}.

The rest....makes as much sense as.....I'll be nice.

He ill be in breach of contract and face criminal proceedings if he vacates the lease early.

Now if you think he spends enough, marry him. He bought an NHL team. He either pays to compete so the fans who pay are rewarded or he's a slumlord cashing in on dopes. FYI, I didn't spend one dime since 21 on this scummbag, so.....not doped. DP's still here. Next coach is inexperienced and from New England. Nino will be back on ice soon. Next trade sheds payroll and we mail yet another season in. Tavares gets more dejected each passing game.

All because poor Charlie couldn't sell the game to enough people with Jon Sim attempted twice.

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