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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I think you are getting a little carried away with PK being the only D man who can do anything. I also want PK out there, but Markov has vision and playmaking ability that PK doesn't yet/is too impulsive. I think Therrien is managing the D well although he has to find a solution to solve these 3rd period meltdowns. PK has his strengths, but Markov has them too even if he's not perfect. Ebbs and flows. Markov the multi-time all-star is NOT one of the best D-men we've had in decades?? It's not Markov that should have sat during the "benching", it's the fact that Diaz was used instead (although there are arguments to be made for him actually being more consistent on the PP). I definitely wanted PK out there at the end when, of course, the puck pinballed and went of Diaz's skate. (Not his fault, but that's the only time I 10/10 times would have PK out there rather than Diaz.) PK is doing just fine. So is Markov. So is Gorges. So is Diaz. Boullion and Emelin play really well for most of the game but then have breakdowns.

I agree with you on Eller completely, but I think lately, he's done very well with the linemates he's got and I've felt like he's had more icetime. At least we do see him on the PP now. Not during the JM days.

Who would you take out? Armstrong? Can White play the wing effectively? Armstrong had a good game IMO. I'm sure White will come back soon, I don't feel like he's being punished. Knock on wood we are healthy for now, so, as Denis said, it's a meritocracy. I personally like Moen and think Armstrong actually does help create chances. I don't really get the hate for him, but I know it's strong.
Armstrong had one or two good games (we need more grit from Armstrong)...White gives you his heart every game (C or Winger)...Therrien and White should just communicate more often to work together and not punish, punish, punish an all-heart warrior. Against GOON teams like the Bruins and have got to dress White. This way we have White AND Prust vs 4-5 goons instead of just Prust. Rotate Armstrong and White (especially against the Bruins and Leafs).

Healthy team:
And you're happy right now we have a healthy team so rare!! I really hope we can stay healthy for a long long time (it's time we got lucky in this department).

Markov (imo) is one of the most cerebral dmen we've had in decades (best overall...not for me, but he can catch up by delivering big time in playoffs...he never really delivered in least not yet (like Roy, Chelios, Desjardins, Schneider, Muller...all did... I've seen a lot more already from Subban vs Markov in playoffs..... Markov can't keep up with the Crosbys, Ovechkins in playoffs...Subban has the speed to shadow them). Markov still has time to somehow deliver in playoffs...maybe by helping the PP in playoffs? (I hope he will to shut me up!).

Markov in a nutshell (for me): very his vision (like you mentioned), love his long and even short passes (smart), trademark outlet passes and trademark criss-cross passes on the PP, biggest complaint is his jinxed body (his injuries really screw up our team but finally got us...Galchenyuk!) and how he doesn't always protect himself out there (like a sitting duck out there sometimes along the boards/corners)...and speed is not his forte (his mind is, but that's not always enough...many many fast players out there and Markov can't keep up...Subban sure can). Overall...I'm a bigger fan of Subban. The best dman we've seen in decades (imo) is not Markov...but Subban (imo). I really think Subban is one of the best in the NHL (if not now then very soon). And...I really think Subban will be a playoff hero for many seasons...he's built to be a hero (loves the pressure-playoffs spotlight...doesn't shy away from it and just looks/plays like a winner...and love the fact that Subban could become an iron-man...knows how to protect himself out there...and I hope it continues...very important for a #1 dman to be an iron-man out there or's just injury thread after injury thread, year after year...).

Markov (more about Markov!)... is a poor-man version of Lidstrom (poor man in a good way...and Lidstrom was an ultimate iron-man, Mr.Cerebral, Mr.Longevity, Mr.Playoffs, Mr.Regular Season, even a Mr.Gentleman!... Markov has a long way to go before being mentioned in the same category as Lidstrom (no matter how much love Markov gets in Montreal)...especially when it comes to playoffs...I want Markov to prove me wrong when the season really counts). And, Subban is one of a kind. I've never seen a dman like him...most stylish/entertaining/athletic/talented dman by far to wear the CH...but is now on a Therrien leash (I miss Subban's rushes...when he times it well...very entertaining). I actually preferred Malakhov vs Markov, but not overall...'cause Malakhov was so inconsistent, but when Malakhov was HOT he was a treat to watch (smooth like Bouwmeester but a lot tougher and had more talent, imo). It's too bad Malakhov was not always so into hockey...he was really good (and fun to watch) when he decided to play or be consistent (not often).

Markov and Subban together again!:
In the happy to see Markov (healthy!) and Subban finally playing for our Habs at the same time!! (please let it continue for a long, long time!). Our team is much much better with Subban and Markov. I want to see more Subban-Markov on the PP!!

I'd rotate him with be fair and for the team (to get the most out of both of them). Whoever is hotter for that game...let him get more minutes.
Pacioretty - Eller/DD - Cole
Moen - DD/Eller - White/Armstrong.

Go Habs Go!!

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