Thread: News Article: Larry Brooks on the Thomas Trade
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02-13-2013, 05:23 AM
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History......Wang makes a big splash then sells and goes cheap and we're avoiding spending on anything each year. Cap minimum if only because we're unable to hide money (Thomas, tolled contracts, bonus clauses.

Keep paying for the entertainment. He's getting your money and 100 percent approval by you going to games.

I can only think of the mentality of the apologists for Wanger. "If I only got the dishes spotless, he wouldn't have to use the belt!" Well, Tavares' face last game says what every player must feel cashing an Islander paycheck.

"Why am I ****ing here?"

But after all the circus shenanigans and Wang acting like Ballard to a tee, some are hungry for more **** on a stick.

"Maybe he'll change."

Sorry, Wang will just continue to starve the club and collect your money with Cappy or any other hard luck Bostonite scrub coaching this debacle. And eventually Tavares and Moulson and Hamonic will bolt. We'll at least have more prospects to laud each year. As usual.

I notice a few more posters demanding better, though. Maybe within a few years' time there might be some form of outrage? If you can't find any anger at how things are going, just do what the team does and find it on waivers or something? My outrage is front-loaded FWIW.

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