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02-13-2013, 06:05 AM
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Originally Posted by DuckJet View Post
Was expecting this episode to be a disaster. You guys are trying not to like this show if you thought this episode was bad. Was it seasons 1-5 good? No. But it was definitely one of the better episodes of the last two seasons. Yeah the Lily/Robin stuff was annoying but it was worth it in the end. I thought the episode was great to be honest.
Episode was attrocious. If i wanted pathetic repetitive laughs i'd just lob out my **** in the middle of the high street.

The whole episode is so ridiculously slap stick ; every bad joke is perpetuated over and over again. Why does every joke or character issue have to be over emphasised to the point where it isn't funny?

Ted's Girlfriend has anger issues ... we get it. So she gets angry at a sports event, they bang, she destroys his house, they bang, she presumably sets something on fire in the future, they bang ... they stay together for awhile ... they bang. Because all this is witty clever comedy.

Robin has issues with children ... we get it. So no one has realised this in 8 months. So she decides to tell a really mundane story bit by bit over 17 years. OK LET ME LEAVE MY REALISM TIME MACHINE.

None of the shows relationships are remotely believable. It's so far out of reality it's absurd. This is fine if thoe show deliberately using absurdity to highlight a point, or if the absurdity is even funny.

A cameo from Mike Tyson isn't funny. Har har har .. it's Mike Tyson.

The only reason i watch this show anymore is because i wish to see who the mother is. I know i should stop watching, i know, but the ending is close enough.

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