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07-08-2006, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
"We wanted to explore whether we were a consideration" makes me believe there was interest. Why ask if the Rangers were a consideration?

I am a skeptic, and breaking the bank is a relevant term. Allegedly they were offering more than $7MM per season - could've been $7.4MM for all we know - and $7.5MM got it done. Yeah, perhaps they didn't trump the winning number (perhaps Chara made it clear he wouldn't play in NY so they didn't even try), but what number's breaking the bank (can this be considered offering a blockbuster contract?)? Some would consider paying $7MM for Chara a lot. Perhaps the number was $7.4MM, and some would consider that a lot. So they were willing to spend within $500K of what got dne, which is still significant. Someone needs to clarify to me what break the bank means. Just because a deal doesn't get done doesn't mean the willingness to spend a nice sum of money, i.e., break the bank.

Same with Elias - but there are less details about that, but seemingly this team was willing to spend $7MM on two free agent - is that breaking the bank? Or does the term only apply if it actually gets consummated? I personally like understanding thought processes.

How do you know what the Rangers offered for Chara and Elias. Please state your source..

Chara was worth the money the Rangers were offering

Most of the other guys are NOT worth the contracts they signed. (see the mckee and kubina signings)

Ward is worth the contract he signed and fills a need. (amazing right)

If Maloney was pissed about how things shook out do you expect him to tell the press?

For years we had to read posters say how Poti was Sathers boy. Wouldn't that be enough for the Rangers to see his interest. Wouldn't it make sense for the Rangers to check all there free agents to see what they would return for.

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