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02-13-2013, 06:09 AM
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JM's Keeper League - Communication Options

Good morning my fellow keeper league enthusiasts. I'm starting this thread the field options, opinions, suggestions, and ideas on how we should best communicate with one another. I mean, sure.. we can *yawn* PM through HFBoards but I've had to delete my messages pretty much every single day since this league has begun. There has to be a better way then this.

I have a few ideas.. and I'm sure between the god damn 30 of us.. we can find something that will work for the majority. If the minority who don't like that way of communicating don't jump on board.. well, then that their loss. Good luck with making any deals.

So.. my ideas in no particular order are:

- Windows Live 'Messanger.. or some sort of IMing service.

- Text messaging. I'm site all of us have cell phones. Definitely not my favourite option but it's much better than PMing through HF.

- Email! Might as well IM through yahoo or windows live.

- A smartphone/iPhone app. I think some mentioned Chatzy or something? Could someone explain this further? I've never heard of it.

- Morse Code: beep beep ba-beep beeeeep be be beeeee beep.

- Carrier Pigeons/Pony Express. This trade could take a while. And it could end up in China?!?!

- Starting our own website specific to our league. It would obviously come with a PMing service plus you can have your own sub-forum. Trust me, this is easily the best option. We will get there eventually. IMO, having a private website for a league this in depth.. It's vital. You guys will see what I mean.

- and lastly.. PMing through HFBoards.

So.. who else has ideas? I think if the forums are out for now it's gotta be MSN. I know I'm gonna stop responding to PMs here because they're annoying. I'd rather be able to chat and get a response without loading up a page. So PM me for my email addy and we can get that going. It'll be important when it comes time for CBS to start up. You'll need an email address so I can invite each and everyone of you to the league. If you don't have an email address I suggest you get one because without one, sorry, I can't invite you to the league, you cannot get ahold of me to make your moves for your team on CBS, and, well, think about it.

Anyway.. I think we all should give each other our IMing email addy so we can talk deals like that.


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