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02-13-2013, 05:47 AM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
No, you lose fans, have a Columbus situation where they lost Nash and we lose an old Tavares and we're in the business of selling HOPE, not hockey, for another decade.

Sometimes a business is in business to be in business, not succeed. Wang is not in hockey to win games, folks. And Tavares will burn his career playing for such willing ineptitude.

Second time tonight: I do not spend one penny of my money on Charles B Wang or the New York Islanders franchise (what was once considered such}. Spending money on this team means you ONE HUNDRED PERCENT endorse the way they operate. There is no arguing this point, as you are giving them your money fr what they give you, meaning they don't have to change.

Stop going to games. Period. At least home games.....maybe then things will change for the better.
From 1972 to 07 I would attend about 10 games per year. Not bad considering it's about a four
hour trip each way. After Neil Smith was let go I stopped. Also I would bring some of my students
to a game as an annual trip, now we make a much shorter ride and go to an AHL game in Albany.

I was going to attend the pre season game in Brooklyn just to see the building. If they try it again next fall I will probably go but I'm not going Islanders games with Wang as owner anymore.

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