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02-13-2013, 07:15 AM
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Well I guess Ralph is open to observational analysis seeing as he is the Head Coach.

We came out this year playing a basic system that was catalysed by fastbreak dumpins, this didnt work. We adjusted our defensive zone exits because we were bleeding there. Then we recognised that we needed to better recognise and react in the Neutral zone so we adjusted that. This in effect changed two of Ralphs core values systemwise right off the bat we already reset our defensive and neutral zone tactics to reflect a new and better transitional style, we were still stuck on 2 transitions working with the 3rd cylinder seized.Then we came to the stark realisation that we werent getting enough shots so we adjusted our o-zone entrys from a fast break with the wee dump-in to a more controlled transition, and WHA-LA we finally embraced the only system that has given us positive results since Mac-Ts similar system when we went on the near miss run to the Finals. Suddenly we were getting shots and lots of them but something was still wrong--- we werent scoring goals, the shots were there but we werent scoring. Our reaction was to begin to change our bottom 6 players instead of diagnosing the real problem within our execution. Then we got a few injuries , the 2nd line carried us for a few more games but we still hadnt figured out how to score shots or not, players began to get the snakebitten look in their eyes and body language teamwide. Then we benched a d-man who didnt fit into the transitional style naturally and had difficulty adjusting to his system role, then we benched a bottom 6 guy who is our most decorated veteran leader all in the hopes that this would solve our scoring issues. And alas we hammer a team for 55 mins and then lose two points because we couldnt score a goal or two to bail out the man who has been bailing the team out all year long. Even with a respectable volume of shots-- key word being volume not volume of system generated shots-- this is not a trick question but does Ralph know the difference no disrespect intended.

That is what I see, and to me Ralph is slowly but surely following the NewAge Hockey System template one very long and painful step at a time , he is watching the team evolveing and it is forcing him to evolve as well, the total package of data Krueger needs to catch up to and eclipse this nuclear evolution is available for him immediatly if he simply googles moma2s NewAge Hockey System. His team is taking him directly to water, now lets see what he does.

We are only a few very minor adjustment away from dialing our offense in in a massive way, we are executing two of the three core value components that we need to focus on in a consistant and dominant fashion, oddly the most difficult ones we have already mastered. We have a huge communication gap or more accurately chasm that no one wants to discuss, this puts a lot of pressure on Ralph, he is pretty busy being a professional NHL coach so even though he is also a pro communicator he needs a third party perspective to keep himself honest and integrity driven.

We need the NewAge Hockey System immediatly because it contains the exact adjustment we need to make to initiate our offense at 100% energy in one game, in one practice scrimmage Ralph can verify the adjustments. We are in a very precarious situation right now because there is a great risk of Ralph overadjusting and knocking our excellent work awry, we have actually completed the most difficult 75% of executing both Ralphs system and the NHS which are very very similar as well but we are missing the final adjustment and it is a communication issue that ralph is missing totally. Ralphs system is not the NewAge Hockey System or he would have identified and adjusted to this already by proxy of core value components of the NHS, he wouldnt have been permitted to get into this position using the NHS.

We just played an excellent game, our last 6 games have really evolved wonderfully for us, now we need to stop-drop-and roll, then take stock of our progress from a more pragmatic winners perspective. We have accomplished a great deal already and are lucky that all of our young guys have matured on schedule since last year. We are executing 75% of exactly what we need right now, we are in a very positive position, however we are out of time and we need to make some terminal adjustments in the next ten games or its probably lights out.

Those adjustments are out there waiting for Ralph and the creator of the NHS is an Oilers fan and catalysed the system itself out of the Dynasty Oilers PP and Wayne Gretzkys work and perspective. The NewAge Hockey System was tailormade for the Oilers. All I can say is Tactical |Shooting Program and that Freddy Chabot should not be picking shootout shooters, not at all, in the NHS he wouldnt be allowed to have that degree of input in such a core area because the system itself would be dictating game by game who was best to take those shots based on dynamic realtime results not statistics, think about that because it is the real difference between what Ralph is trying to do and what the NHS will teach him to do. This is a dynamic communication issue, Ralph and his support staff dont have enough professional help manifesting and utilising Intuative Dynamic analysis and it is costing them a tremendous amount of energy and resources and consequently points in the standings.

Statistically catalysed analysis is sinking our ship, we are overdosing on Las Vegas bookie type data, and we need an antidote soon or we will go terminal and lose the season. The antidote is Intuative Dynamic Analysis and we dont have until next year to scrub it up through online contests, so when are the Oilers going to diagnose this terminal weakness how many symptoms do they need to see become manifest before they can make an accurate call and acess then apply a remedy.

I think we have an excellent Head Coach who is very lucky that there is a system available to him that is nearly identical to his own personal brand of Hockey which happens to posess the offensive core values he now requires, and I think a professional communicator who is also an NHL coach would recognise the need to reach out to all data sources both conventional and unconventional when a remedy was required for his system. Just google it, or start a thread asking for it. I am pretty sure it wouldnt cost any more dollars than DarkHorse is costing the team.

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