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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
When you sell a veteran, there are three chances to win:
1) You get to spend the cap space on somebody else.
2) You get whatever you get in return for the trade.
3) Your regular season performance drops, and your 1st rounder improves.

Habs spent the money saved on Sourray by getting Hamrlik, whereas Boston spent the money saved on Thornton by getting Chara. Both teams got an upgrade.

However, Boston also got to move up in the draft since losing Thornton dampened their regular season performance, and they took a legitimate risk that 3 roster players would improve their team. They took their full 3 chances to win, Montreal only took one.

If Montreal had sold Sourray in 2006, we would have replaced him with Hamrlik in any case. However, we would have gotten something in return (good odds), and we would have drafted McDonagh at 7th overall rather than 12th overall, lol... well that would have made no difference - but the principle remains.

Thornton was NOT a veteran.

link please, thank you.

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