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02-13-2013, 08:03 AM
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Originally Posted by Gophers View Post
I don't have all the details, but he played for Farmington High School. It's not exactly a high profile team in the MSHSL.

Senior Night is a game to honor graduating seniors, so I'm guessing the coaches threw him a bone and let him start. He was probably ticked that he lost playing time during the season to a sophomore and decided to throw the game as revenge. He legitimately thought he should have been the starter.

There might be more to the story, as high school hockey can be political, but maybe he's just a bitter backup.

Unless I'm out of the loop, I doubt he'd have any plans to play hockey after high school to begin with.
I was thinking there has to be more to this story too. My biggest question would be was he in a position to further his playing career in terms of a scholarship. From personal experience it's possible to be a scapegoat of sorts as a result of someone else's political motives. Happened to me but I never gave thought of doing something like this.

I'm hesitant to call him a loser without knowing the complete story other than what's in the blog. Hopefully he'll understand down the road what he did and become a better person because of it. Looks like a lot of bitterness there though for whatever reason. Something more here I say.

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