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02-13-2013, 08:21 AM
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I agree with "21". The reason why Finnish players bring Finnish posters here is that it's difficult to get attached to some team without a specific reason. We don't have an NHL city near us so it's hard get in love with some NHL team. Familiar players make us follow their teams in NHL and finally even make real fans even though the team hadn't Finns anymore. Some Finns criticize those who like Finn-teams like Ducks or Wild. They themselves may be fans of Penguins, Caps or Wings. Are they band wagoners, have they started to follow some team just because of Crosby, Ovechkin etc?

What is a valid and acceptable criteria for us foreigners to choose a team? In my opinion there must be some reason to start watching games of some particular team (especially if they're shown in the middle of the night like NHL here in Europe). Familiar players are a good reason. At least Ducks logo isn't so appealing that it'd attract fans without a team. Regarding Eenok, his posts don't make me laugh anymore.

But about the game: I'm afraid that the team doesn't keep winning for long without defenders able to properly handle and move the puck. Yes, Cam is injured and Vatanen is not so good enough defensively, but the especially the PP is often painful to watch. When Cam is injured, I'd give more games to Vatanen until Cam is healthy. Most of our defenders have some hands though and the team keep winning, so maybe I should start complaining when the losses start to pile up.

It's great to see that team can win in different kind of situations. I'm sure it gives a boost to players to know that we can win this game if we just continue the battle. Fasth is promising. He hasn't been stellar but he's consistent, reliable and good enough to be counted on.

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