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02-13-2013, 08:28 AM
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Whitney has been the single biggest victim of this team recent evolution and he will NOT be the last one to go before next year because of this evolution and consequential system requirement changes.

Ryan Whitney is top ten in the NHL at the first breakout pass, he is a valuable asset, We would be giving up a lot of value but also dollars in a straight across trade for Konopka.

Ryans career will instantly revive the day he is traded simply because his game isnt off at all, he just plays a one dimensional fastbreak style that gets exposed if he needs to consistantly execute a transitional system template. No harm no foul and we definately dont let anyone tell us he is damaged goods, we just dont have a season to let him rebuild his ticket value, we need to take a hit so it might as well be for a faceoff man as thats all we are missing at this point.

Ryan Smyth was benched because of his lack of focus, Ryan Whitney was benched because of a lack of system suitability, coincidentally the same thing that not yet but eventually will force Smyth out of town. Both are excellent fastbreak specialists, in fact with Horcs and Hemmer they are actually elite at that particular style, i was a fan of keeping them together for a 3rd line role using this fastbreak style, but that only works if your system is compatable with several styles. Ralphs system framework doesnt work that way, he builds a baseline for everyone and asks them all to join him. If you cant or wont jump on board then you might as well jump overboard, ha ha ha. No worries Whitney will be racking up the points fastbreak style soon, hopefully he doesnt go to Van or another enemy team because he really is that good, just not in our system or this teams dynamic future. Its a style issue not a man issue.

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