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07-08-2006, 12:43 PM
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I know the guys who are working on the game because I play with EA Montreal in a cosom league, and they told me NHL 2007 will looks like NHL 2006 but just updated. They told me each 2 years, there is a new ''motor game'' for the game. NHL 2006 was the first year, and then NHL 2007. Anyway, the goalie will be way better with realistic moves and better d-men. Dynasty mode is returning, and looks like the ''big thing'' in the game. It's gonna be wayyyyyyy more difficult when you'll play Difficulty mode. If you play easy, you'll score like 10 goals in a game, but if you play difficult, watch out! Brief, the game will be better then NHL 2006 because it's gonna be a more realistic game then a arcade game.

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