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02-13-2013, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by WVP View Post
I think it's BS. I am part of their ambassador program (based on a tip from Dock here if I remember right) and I thought the email on Sunday was a spoof.

This decision comes to down to them making as much money as possible. Sell less until you can meet demand or raise the price. I am not THAT mad but I wasn't a big enough fanatic that I'm not going to go elsewhere from here out.
Yeah, that was me. Was my go to bourbon and will def try the cut down version to see if I can tell the difference. I know it's blasphemy to some, but I normally put a little ice in my bourbon anyway (actually have a sphere ice mold MM sent me as part of their ambassador program, the sphere shape mean the ice doesn't melt as fast).

Originally Posted by WVP View Post
I've been migrating towards craft liquor anyways.....

On that note - Boyd and Blair vodka from Pittsburgh is absolutely top notch. A must buy.
My mom swears by that stuff, but it's a bit pricey isn't it? My wife and I normally stick with Tito's even though it's made in the cesspit that is Austin, TX (most my family went to OU, hence the hate...).

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