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02-13-2013, 08:56 AM
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Am I the only one who does not see this new defensive side of Kessel? He is buying in to the system in some regards and that is a positive but he just dont have that awareness of the defensive game that is required of a center. He even struggle with the easier task of being a winger, defensively speaking.
He, and this is not meant as being negative, will always look for a loose puck with out having to win it by him self, so that he can go on the attack. The same way as he is not a playmaker since his first options will always be to find room for his shot. He is not using his line mates enough to be become a center and even less so to be called a playmaker. That does not mean that he cant make a nice pass, probably one of the best behind Kadri in that department on the team. But hockey is a very fast game and player will always be forced to make quick decisions and Kessels decisions will most likely always be to skate up with the puck and take a shot. And he does not have that ability that good playmakers have either when it comes to slowing the game down.

Giroux might not have a bigger toolbox then Kessel but he is better at using his tools.

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