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02-13-2013, 09:41 AM
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I dont think he had a good game yesterday! The line didnt create much in 5 on 5, actually it was 1 shift in the end of second period where they had a great shift. Our first line was on fire almost the whole game, but couldnt score more then one.

Gagner had a great hit and a couple of good defensive plays, 57 % fo was good but how many fo did he really take, saw he was taken away from the dot at least 3 times because of false start in offensive zone.

As i said many times before, he is very good in pp and 4 on 4 when the play opens up and goes up and down, but not in the cycling game 5 on 5 keeping the puck and pressure.

Yesterday wasnt any different!

That i also expect from a 2 c in a contending team is that they arent so depended in other players, last night was hemsky off mostly and Gagner cant driving a line(yak also yet), even when he played with rookies as Omark/paajarvi he were the passenger.

Saw that a poster said that the game was lost when Sam took a stupid penalty.
Hey, we was behind 1-2 with about 5 minutes left and had a crazy pressure the shift before in pp 4 on 3 when the penalty came. They made 3-1 4 on 4 half a minute later.

We lost the momentum, like we did in the end of 1 period when we where 4-3, then sam and his line throwed away a couple of pucks and throwed away mostly of that pp, 2-0 there and another game.

I dont blame Gagner/ and that line for the lost, that was our incompetence to score/unluck/hot goalie who was the reason for that. But they didnt brought much to give us a chance to win the game either.

He is on a 1 year contract for a reason, and i think comparing what he brings and what we are missing so are the choice pretty easy. The alternatives is Trading Rnh or give Gagner 2 big strong wingers who do alot of his c dutys.

I thinks he hasnt showed yet, now on his 6th season that hes worth all that trouble!
Im very sure he can be a good offensive contributor in a team whos has grit/strenght/size in their toplines, something that we are in great need of.

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