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So just wanted to give you guys my insight into Club Red after being there last night. There's a ton to say but I'll try to condense it down as much as possible. Also there are pictures attached too

- The food in there is AMAZEBALLS! My fiancee is basically a vegetarian and they had this pasta ala vodka with meat in it so she didnt really want that. But they had all the noodles & sauce off to the side so they custom made her what she wanted (no meat in it) right in front of her and it was delicious.
- Free wine & beer...nuff said! LOL
- The layout is really nice too, giant bar in the main area with plenty of nice seating and then some little alcoves to the sides where there's some even nicer chairs & big screen TVs
- My fiancee even said if you have the money, that is the way to enjoy a hockey game for sure. So if you asked her, yes the price they are asking is worth it. I was having a hard timing disagreeing with her too with the whole experience.
- As I said in my earlier post, the lounge area was mostly empty with about 5 mins to go in the 1st period (I went to go to the bathroom and took pics below). Maybe 5 people were there. At the beginning of the 2nd period too, there was a few more people but not like you would think (I was sitting in the lounge for the first 5 mins eating).
- The private bathrooms are awesome too but I'm sure not many care about that. Just cool that they have full length doors so you have privacy (nice for women) and mints in the bathroom as you're leaving
- The seats where I was sitting (2nd to last row) those areas seemed to be mostly filled with people and looking down several rows, you saw the emptiness. So what it seems to me is that the lower seats havent sold out yet and thats why it looks bad on TV. Honestly I dont think I would want to sit that low because you would have to try and see thru the bench and not really good viewing angle for the game. So yes it looks bad on TV but I can logically see why people dont sit lower

I met Yormark last night between the 2nd & 3rd period and he knows the customer service is an issue and he had a meeting with his staff about that. He basically was preaching responsiveness is more important than even trying to solve the problem of the customer and I agree with that statement. I think you'll see them working on that too for the STHs that have complained so far.

I think its been mentioned or maybe not but Yormark did confirm during the town hall meeting that the team is trying to get a new scoreboard this summer. They have a consultant working on it and will be asking for VSP's (which I believe IIRC means Vendor Submitted Proposals). But the scoreboard is gonna cost in the neighborhood of $5M so some people are gonna see their ticket prices increase to try and cover that cost. Honestly I'd rather they invest that money in the team over a new scoreboard but maybe I dont put much value on the scoreboard like some of you do.

I got to sit behind Cliff in the 3rd period and let me just say that he's a true fan just like all of us. He sees the same things we do and says similar things to any one of us. I hope he remains owner of the Panthers for a very long time (not just for my own personal benefit) because he is exactly the type of sports owner that you want. Someone thats passionate about the game but doesnt get involved in the running of it and lets the experts do what they do best. I wish I could say more but I really dont want to jeopardize my job in any way (and there are some interesting specifics that I would love to share) but that was what I could share with everyone.
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