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Originally Posted by Montreal Shadow View Post
He almost never lost a fight. He went up against the bests of the bests through a 13 years career and his number of losses is probably in the single digits or low double digits. He was a good fighter but as I said before, he never really beat up anybody like Brashear or Probert did. He could definitely fight any fighter to a standstill and beat all of them but not utterly beat them down.

That's why I said he was too much of a nice guy. He never beat anyone to a pulp but he could definitely beat anyone. That includes Probert who's widely viewed as the greatest fighter of all time. Difference is Probert beat down people more badly than Laraque did. Laraque could pull a comfortable win against Probert, but he would definitely not dominate him. It's like that against pretty much everyone for him.
Why post those videos, Riley Cote never won fights. Heres 1999 Probert, a couple of years from retirement while Laraque is at his absolute best and the champ of the league. I won't say Probert won this fight but it was definitely close and this is a 99 version of Probert. Probert holds his own against a prime BGL when hes that old, you honestly think Laraque would do that well against a late 80s Probert? I highly doubt it, youre overrating Laraque to say he could handle guys like Probert in their primes

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