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02-13-2013, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
The scoreboard is a must. The lack of replays and the image of our minitron is making me enjoy roadgames on my 60 inch. They didnt show most goals, they didnt show the hit on versteeg, and if they do the quality is out of the 80s. There is no option but to upgrade.
So you would rather that than spending money on the team to either keep a guy like Weiss or get someone to replace him? A new scoreboard seems like a luxury to me and the spending on the roster is more of a necessity. Sure it would be better fan experience but I'd rather we have the talent to win than to see a replay of a hit or goal in HD. Maybe I'm more simplistic but thats how I feel about it. I could honestly care less about the scoreboard cause I rarely look up at the scoreboard though but I know many of you do care.

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