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02-13-2013, 10:27 AM
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Hey fellas, anyone fairly handy? Any home improvement types? I'm in way over my head on a project and am looking for some advice. The previous owners of my home built an elevated deck, with a free standing gazebo structure surrounding it. They built a paver patio up to the deck. Every bit of it was incredibly poorly built. First, there is no foundation and the as far as I can tell the earth was not grubbed, cleared, packed or graded. They just burried cinder blocks at something approaching level and equal height. They set the standing structure on the same blocks to I guess attempt to use counter pressure on the blocks. Insane. The standing structure is wired. The left the electrical exposed and sitting atop the earth under the deck. It's just strewn across from wild angle to even crazier angle with no recognizible pattern or logic. The existing paver patio was built up to the deck and left unfinished. They just used the deck to shim it in. No bricks sunk to to finish the damn thing.

Anyhow, my neighborhood was recently invaded by the roof rat epidemic. Damned if those little ****ers didn't move right in under the gazebo. My insane dog took it upon himself to control the pest issue and dug a hole straight through the top of my deck. I said screw it and demolished the deck. The plan was to build a paver patio within the standing gazebo structure and simply eliminate the deck portion. It wasn't until my demolition was well under way that I noticed the huge construction blunders.

It's too late to turn back. Demolition is complete. Now I'm in way over my head. I'm sure I could build a nice paver patio under optimal conditions. With this, though, I'm going to need a ton of help.

If I post pictures as I go, will anyone here be able to offer advice? Anyone have experience with this?

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