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02-13-2013, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Epsilon View Post
Nonsense. If anything many of their opinions should be taken with a grain of salt (well, everyone's personal opinion should be, of course) because they put an inordinate amount of attention on relatively few games (international tournaments) rather than the bulk of these players' careers (the NHL).
Or it might be that your perspective is subjective too, in favour of NHL?

To be a bit provocative, but basically correct, I would say that taking importance into account the most NHL games outside of playoffs are standard run-of-the-mill games without much importance (yay for Presidents trophy a couple of years in a row).

Games which matters matters and among them are medal games in the Olympics and WC important.

And when it comes to taking Swedish opinions with a grain of salt I do not agree either. Basic source criticism states that bias should be searched for, yes (the three other foundations of source criticism are not equally relevant here). In this case there is no bias as Swedes evaluate Swedish players and them only. Further the Swedes which frequent hfboards are beyond doubt more interested in the NHL than the average Swedish hockey fan, one could venture to say that they in general are genuinely interested in the NHL. There is no reason to think that they would downplay NHL, at least not in any other way than I did in the beginning of this post.

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