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02-13-2013, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
I get not being excited, but to call a pick straight up stupid considering it was a 4th round pick... Maybe it's just me but I don't count on the 4th round becoming a dynamite player. If it does, it's a bonus. Plus, I'd be willing to guess a lot of people made that assessment based on numbers without seeing him play. I am not referring to you or anyone in particular, just speculation.
Eh, as you can see, I didnt post in that thread (well I didnt see myself) because I reframed from saying whether it s a good pick or bad. The only time I will say its bad is if Homer decided to go goony, over a player I liked. Im a fan of drafting high risk high reward players (high risk as in he might not reach it). I also like players that might not be exposed to the public as much, but the Flyers see them. Example is Reese Willcox this past draft. I like the kid. He has the size and skating ability to play in the NHL. Homer compared him to Coburn and watching him play you can see why.

I agree that past the 3rd round, you should have a type of drafting philosophy. The Flyers havent done THAT bad late in the rounds. They got lower level guys like McGinn, Wellwood, etc etc. Im hoping that in this past draft they might of found a steal with all the d-men they drafted:


I thought last draft had alot of the players I like. A combination of low exposed players, and high exposed. I agree with taking "safe" players (usually bigger players are considered safe since they have size), but some players just look iffy no matter where you draft him.

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