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02-13-2013, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Or did you miss MiG going deep into the corner last night and get the puck out from one of the 'Nucks defenders and give Seto a great pass that allowed him to get that top cheddar goal?
The play went more like this:

-Granlund has the puck and tries to gain the zone, but he turns it over as he got squeezed hard into the boards. Instead of maintaining puck control by eluding the checker, or being able to rim it around the boards to play keep away, it's a dribbling puck into the corner where Garrison has a great opportunity to clear. This is where Granlund physical limitations should have cost us the opportunity.

-Granny doesn't give up though and checks a hesitant Garrison as he tries to clear.

-Garrison fails to move the puck, and since Granlund separated him from the puck, Cullen picks it up and deals to Setoguchi, who makes a pretty move to score.

Bottom line: Granlund had effort, but Garrison's poor play did more to make that goal that Granlund's good play did.

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