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02-13-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
Ah yes....we are now on the 'benching' bandwagon. Excellent. Expect one of these threads after each loss, might be a different player but they will come out in spades because we all know it is about 'accountability'.

If you are an 18 or 19 year old player and making mistakes and we all have to 'be patient about the rebuild' then you play them, teach them and live with the mistakes. Vets who are just playing terrible should be benched because they are not better than their replacements.

As for defense.....I was alarmed by Kruegers comments before this last game indicating that it was the forwards fault we got owned in Columbus. The same forwards that are dead last by a mile in even strength goals.

I can't wait until all the young kids really play some defense and come down low on every play, then we will really see the offense stagnate. Watching the Oilers we very rarely these days have a 3 man offensive rush when we get puck possession. At least one forward is going down deep on each play as instructed and though that supposedly helps defensive play it hurts the offense.
i was thinking while watching the game last night why gagner always breaks out to hemskys side, thinking how i would lov to see yakupov carry the puck through the nuetral zone. then i noticed it was because yakupov was down on the half boards and was the reason the puck got out in the first place. anyone who thinks he is playing bad defensively is crazy imo. sure he has had a few giveaways but so has everyone else. I dont mind a player losing a few pucks or making poor choices if they are trying to do something. then there are plugs like petrell who dont do anything bad, they dont do anything good either they just dont do anything. you could replace him with anyone else on the team on the pk and it wouldnt miss a beat. i swear the only reason he is on the PK is because no one would care if he got blasted with a puck.

we should have PRV on the PK again, he did get more SH goals in columbus than the whole bottom 6 has got ES this season.

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