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02-13-2013, 11:37 AM
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I don't think there's one particular reason for it, but many. It's both about the players and the system, IMO. It is certainly about the execution of the system, but it could be partly about the system itself as well.

The players:

1) There are a lot of new players on the roster now and they're not accustomed to the system yet. While they're doing that, they have less time to focus on actual scoring. For example Granlund's offense has suffered from this, and I'm sure he's not the only one. He's getting there though, and so will the others. Suter's improved his game as well.

2) Failure feeds failure, meaning that the less they score, the less likely they're to score in the next game because they're squeezing their sticks and thinking "OMG, I really need to score now". The bad karma has spread all over the team now and there's nothing that can be done about it except not to panic, because that's going to make things even worse.

3) Not too many players played during the lockout. Not all of them took care of themselves as well as they should've. Not all of them were ready to start the season. When they didn't get things going right from the start, they went into a mental lockdown (the state known as "deepfrozen"). Seto got the monkey family off his back eventually and has now scored twice in a short period of time. He won't be the only one who's eventually going to get on their game.

About the system (I don't know enough about coaching to say much, but these are the questions I've been asking myself):

1) Is the current system the best possible one for this roster? It seemed to fit last season's team, but this is not the same team. The overall talent level is higher. Maybe these guys should be given more freedom? To a certain extent, the system should be adjusted according to the material and to a certain extent the players should adjust to a new system. You need to find the middle ground here.

2) Can't they really think of anything to improve the PP? The current formula's obviously not working, can't they think of anything a little more creative?

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