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02-13-2013, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
You create the timing.

Weber's value will never get any higher, he just doesn't play. We'll end up losing him for close to nothing, that's something we have to accept. Pretty sure a team or two would already give up a late pick for him right now.

People here talk as if guys like Nokalainen and Weber were "assets". You know what? You can replace those "assets" later on, with very similar players, at least 10-15 times in a season, just keeping a look on the waivers list. I don't think losing Nokalainen or Weber will come back and bite us in the ass later on.
Similarly, there are players of Kassian's ilk on waivers several times a year, many of whom who could be plucked from the AHL right now if we were so inclined. Kassian is good, but he's not head-and-shoulders above everyone else, or "THE GUY" that we need to pick up. We can fill that need without giving up anything, if we want to.

Ironically, what you're saying about Weber could just as easily be applied to Kassian. You're saying "it's not that Kassian isn't serviceable, it's that the Wild have too many similar guys ahead of him". Change it to Weber and the Habs and you have the exact same situation. So if Kassian has value by those rules, so does Weber.

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