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Originally Posted by GuelphStormer View Post
that was one of the more interesting aspects of the trial, i thot. both the league and balsillie offered economic evaluations of the hamilton market. both were quite positive and essentially differed only in value. i thot baum was very astute in obliging all parties to clearly think through their positions as well as their alternatives. and indeed he wasnt shy about offering advice with the occasional, "are you sure?".

re: BoG vote on Balsillie's "character", that was one of the more shameful elements of this whole saga. sure, jim played fast and hard, but even the rogues gallery sitting around the table must have recognized their hypocrisy, especially after having lauded balsillie as a saviour a couple years earlier, and then later admitting they'd still consider him. huh? what exactly are you actually saying, gary? it's hard to understand words that come out of both sides of your mouth.

This is where Al Davis citations come up, but let's say Balsillie had purchased a team in Phoenix. Absent the contractual element the league wanted (guarantee that he would not move the team), it's not clear that they could prevent a move by an existing owner. They thus have to prevent an entry into the citadel in the first place; and then IF there is a move made by an existing owner, they can seek damages (the difference between the two market valuations and fee to a team already in that market).

Had Moyes not been bound by an extremely punitive lease agreement, I'm willing to bet he might have pulled an Al Davis. THEN he would have sold the team.

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