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02-13-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by 16 To Stanley View Post
Superior Conditioning and a defensive line led by Brian Boyle.

Again, opinions opinions, with no facts. All i saw last night, was Halpern getting pinned and not preventing goals at a crucial time.

Boyle got pinned often last year, but nearly every game he was a big part of holding each lead we had in the third period, pinned or not.
Let's start from the beginning. After the Earth cooled there were things called blogs. Those blogs were deemed to be opinion forums. This is one of those blogs. If you are not interested in other people's opinions go read a textbook. And btw sparky, Halpern winning 9 out of 11 draws is a fact.

Now regarding our strong 3rd period play last year. It was not really about protecting leads (although we obviously held on to most leads as every team does). It was about coming into the 3rd tied or down a goal and winning the game. So, the impression you have that somehow our 3rd period success was a function of our unbelievable shut down 3rd line center prohibiting all opposing forwards from entering our zone, is complete and utter nonsense. And factually incorrect.

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