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02-13-2013, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by supercilious View Post
Why does every trade have to be a blockbuster?

Both teams are clearly doing well this year... for either team to remove key players at this stage makes ZERO sense.

I don't know enough about the blues lesser players but the ones who would be available from the leafs would be:


... and thats really about it. The leafs are not in the midst of a rebuild and therefore will never be trading a Phaneuf or a Kessel or a Grabovski or a Gunnarsson... these are our best players and they wont be going to St Louis just because thats what the Blues need.

If the blues can augment their 3rd or 4th line with guys like the ones mentioned, then theyre more than welcome to it. But they arent getting top line players

Also, someone tell me the rationale behind the leafs wanting Stewart?!

Do we not already have too many wingers?

JVR, Kessel & Lupul are already 1st line wingers... we dont know what were going to do with Lupul once he comes back from injury already... why would we add stewart to the mix?

Youve got Kulemin, Frattin, MacArthur etc who are all borderline top 6 guys once you look past the first three

The leafs need a #1C and thats all. The blues dont have that to offer so unless its a minor deal where we offload for minor prospects or picks, i dont see anything happening.
Frattin is Hurt and Stewart is better then mac 2 spots open

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