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Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
1) Lemieux.

2) Jagr and Kariya both scored in the high 90s playing under 70 games.

3) Lindros scored 79 in only 52 games.

4) Forsberg scored 86 in 65 AND was second place in Selke voting.

Forsberg is the only player I have listed who was behind Selanne in PPG, and he wasn't behind by much. A Selke nomination is certainly worth at least 0.08 points per game - or 6.5 points in a full season - wouldn't you say?

As for 1999-00, it's true that RW did have a solid year. But you're leaving out an important fact: Selanne finished seventh in All-Star voting. I personally rank him fourth among RW for that year, but again center strength pushes him out.
This post is using two different methods that push Selanne out from top-5 forwards. PPG and reputation as a top-forward.

Selanne finished second in points and goals. Ahead only Lemieux in points and lost by one goal to Keith Tkachuk who played three more games.

Now, if Kariya and Jagr were ahead of Selanne due to the higher PPG (Kariya had 1.43 and Selanne had 1.40 but 10 more points ). By that analogy Selanne is a top-5 forward in those 5 seasons i listed since his PPG is 4th highest with most games played in top-9 and his GPG is 5th highest with most games played by top-8. Which is it?

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
I've already addressed 96-97 and 99-00. So let's look at 1995-96.

We have Selanne tied for seventh in scoring with Kariya with 108 points. Ahead of him we have Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Joe Sakic, Ron Francis (2nd in Selke voting), Peter Forsberg, and Eric Lindros. And in ninth, we have a tied between Selke winner Sergei Fedorov and Alexander Mogilny. Also notable are 13th-place Mark Messier's 99 points (2nd in Hart voting, 2nd team All-star...?) and 19th-place Steve Yzerman's 95 points (3rd in Selke voting).

Mogilny is the only forward there I would consider putting Selanne ahead of for 1995-96; it was a VERY center-heavy year. And Selanne finished behind Mogilny in All-Star voting.

Good points, i would personally give Selanne two solid places in top-5 in those 5 years. In 96/97 and 98/99 seasons. He finished 2nd in points in both years was 1st and 2nd in goals and was 1st and 2nd team all-star. He was also 5th and 2nd in PPG. So, using the normal metrics he should be a very strong candidate for top-5 in both years. I would actually say that he has a good case for 2nd best in one year.

He is probably somewhere around 5th in 97/98. He led the league in goals and had best GPG excluding Kariya who played 22 games. He was also 3rd in PPG excluding Kariya again.

Now, for the year you took upon. 95/96. He probably was around 10th in terms of forwards. Not going to argue there.

99/00 he was also probably closer to 10th than he was 5th. But somewhere around there.

For three years from 96-99 he was first in GPG first in goals scored and second in PPG second in points. Now tell me how is that not a top-5 forward in three years.

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